Terms Of Condition

Terms and rights to use the FIND-WORKERS platform

General Contitions

These Terms of Use govern the rights and obligations regarding the use of the www.FIND-WORKERS.COM service. The service is located at Internet addresses

(hereinafter: the Service). The service is an information society service provided by ”HAALAH OVERSEAS CONSULTANTS”, address: Kapileshwar road, 1 Flor SAIESHWARPLAZA, Belagavi 590001, GSTIN NO29GQBPS4630B1ZV, Account number 920020033385061 IFSC code: UTIB0003709, SWIFB in code AXIS.

These Terms of Use form an integral part of the Service and represent the provisions of the contract concluded between the Company and each individual user of the Service. The Company enables the use of the Service to natural and legal persons, exclusively in the manner and under the conditions described in these Terms of Use, in the manner and under the conditions under which the information society service is provided.

By accessing and using the Company's Services, users agree to the Terms of Use, and thus enter into an access agreement with the Company as a provider of information society services.

These Terms of Use apply to any access to the contents of the Service. The Company's operations through this Service are regulated primarily by the Law on Electronic Commerce, the Law on Obligations, the Law on Advertising, the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, the Law on Trademarks, the Law on Personal Data Protection, and other regulations of the legal system of the State of India which are not regulated by the said laws.

The company is committed to preserving and enforcing the rights to personal data enjoyed by individuals, as well as copyrights, in all respects according to the rules of the information profession, good business practices and in accordance with the applicable regulations of the State of India.

The Service is not a substitute for professional consulting service or employment mediation or any other services not listed in these Terms nor does the Company provide or provide any services other than the described information society service. The Company in no way materially affects the content posted by users or created by aggregating publicly available data, nor does it guarantee the accuracy or usability of the information presented through the available content. The sole responsibility for the content lies with those persons who posted the content or from whom the content was taken over.

The Company has the right, but not the obligation, to remove any content from the Service at any time, without obligation of any prior or subsequent notice or explanation.

Service Integrity

The service is intended for Internet advertising of the need for employment by employers and competition for jobs by candidates.

Texts and other entries that users leave on any part of the Service (for example in comments and the like) must be accurate, correct. The user who entered the data is solely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the entered data. The accuracy of the entries implies that they come from a competent source and / or personal experience of the user. Correctness means grammatical and spelling correctness.

Any use of the Service in its entirety or any part thereof that is not in accordance with the Terms of Use will be considered an abuse of the services provided by the Company and a violation of the Terms of Use.

The User independently chooses the password during registration and is solely responsible for the confidentiality of the password and the use of the Service via access data. The user will not use other people's access data or give his user data to a third party. The User may notify the Company if he suspects unauthorized use of his access data.

At each individual opportunity, the Company will provide full support for the protection of the rights of the individual, privacy, property rights and intellectual property rights to all persons holding those rights or those whose rights have been violated, by, without delay:

• upon a reasoned request, supported by appropriate documentation, remove the content so that it is not publicly available, and preserve the content for the purpose of proof,
• upon request, submit to the competent authority data on the user whose entry violates any of the stated or other rights,
all in accordance with the regulations of the State of India.

The Company transmits electronic messages submitted to it by users of information society services, but in no way: does not initiate their transmission, does not select data or documents to be transmitted, does not exclude or change the data in the content of messages or documents, or selects recipients transmission.

The Company reserves the right to change, cancel (either temporarily or permanently) any element of the Service, the services it provides, as well as content or entries related to these elements, regardless of who the author is and without prior approval or notice, with the application of good business customs.

All time limits and deadlines displayed through the Service, as well as the time zone and working days are calculated according to the applicable regulations of the State of India.

Service Description

The company provides an information society service through the Service. The service is intended for advertising the needs for employment by employers and applying for jobs by candidates.

The service provides users with Internet access to content created by aggregating publicly available data, as well as content posted by the User, free of charge.

The Service enables the users of the Service Internet advertising under the conditions and in the manner prescribed by the Law on Advertising. A person who advertises through the Service is not obliged to submit an Advertising Declaration in accordance with Article 45 of the Law on Advertising, in conjunction with Article 19, but is obliged to clearly identify how he could use the advertising service.


Users of services provided by the Company through the Service are considered to be both visitors and registered users.

A Visitor is a person who accesses the Service via the Internet in terms of these Terms of Use, without logging in or registering with the Service. The visitor can get acquainted with the entire content available on the Service, without paying any fee.

The Registered User is a legal or natural person who has registered on the Service under the conditions and in the manner from these Terms of Use. A registered user can post and post their own content, comments and ratings.

The registration of the user, as well as all content that the registered user posts on the Service, the Company does not moderate, modify or in any way significantly affect the content and the registered user has sole responsibility and bears all legal consequences that may arise from its content on the Service. will result. The company reserves the right, but has no obligation, to maintain the quality of the service to perform proofreading, or correct spelling and grammar corrections, which in no way affect the content that the user uploads through the Service.

The registered user retains all copyrights and related rights to the content he is the author of. The registered user guarantees that he is the owner or user of all necessary copyrights on the entire content, as well as all its individual parts, which he places on the Service. Any possible infringement of copyright or related rights, as well as other intellectual property rights, is the sole responsibility of the registered user who posted the content.

A registered user can post different content at the same time. Posting content on the Service in no way restricts a registered user from posting or publicly posting the same content elsewhere. The registered user may, without any explanation or notice, at any time, delete or modify the content he has posted. The Company will delete or modify such content at the same time, except for content contained in backups that are systemically generated and whose content cannot be affected.

With each individual login to the Service, the registered user gets access to his account on the Service and the ability to post content. The registered user can set up his account and assign or change his name, and mark each individual comment he posts as anonymous.

By posting the content on the Service, the registered user unconditionally and irrevocably authorizes the Company to transfer the content to an indefinite number of persons, as well as to remove the content without prior or subsequent notification or explanation.

The registered user may, without any explanation or notice, terminate his status as a registered user at any time by submitting a request to delete his user account.

Grading system

The registered user has the option of posting a rating, from 1 to 5 stars. The company reserves the discretion to cancel the assigned grades, as well as the right not to cancel the grade in each individual situation.


The User is informed that the Company may periodically send him notifications related to the content of the Service, notifications concerning the functioning of the Service, news and actions of the Company, as well as other notifications. The user has the option to unsubscribe from receiving advertising notifications.


As the Company provides an information society service, it is not possible to file a complaint against the performed service.

The information society service provided by the Company is fully performed because the provision of the service began after the explicit prior consent of the user to use the service.


The company has the exclusive copyright and intellectual property rights on the Service, as well as on all individual elements that make it up, such as: text, visual and audio elements, visual identity, data and databases, program code and other elements of the service, which author.

Unauthorized use of any part of the Service, or the Service as a whole, without the express prior written permission of the Company as the holder of the exclusive copyright, will be considered a violation of the Company's copyright and is subject to all legal proceedings.

The Service may also contain elements on which exclusive copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights have other persons, such as the contents of the users of the Service, the content of business partners, advertisers and the like. Other persons have the sole responsibility for the content on which they are the holders of these rights, regardless of the fact that such content is on the Company's Service.

By posting the content on the Service, the user agrees that it becomes visible to every visitor to the Service, under the conditions and in the manner set out in these Terms of Use. Further transfer of the content of other persons or part of the content from any part of the Service is allowed only with the obligatory explicit prior consent of the Company, noting that the content is downloaded from the Service, indicating the appropriate link where the downloaded content is located. The company has sole responsibility for content on which it has copyright.

Each person is independently responsible for the content that is his author's work, ie for the content that he independently posted and made publicly available through the Service.


Registered users are obliged to follow the Guidelines stated here when creating the content.

The Company has the right, but not the obligation, to remove or publish without explanation the content that any registered user posted on the Service.

The User is responsible for the posted content, especially if that content, at the discretion of the Company, includes (but is not limited to):

• personal names;
• created offensive content or content that promotes racism, intolerance, hatred or physical harm of any kind, and which is aimed at any group or individual;
• harasses or promotes harassment of another person;
• exploits people sexually or violently;
• contains nudity, excessive violence or offensive content or contains a link to adult websites;
• requests personal information from persons under the age of 18;
• publicly discloses information that poses or poses a risk to the privacy or security of any person;
• contains or promotes information that you know to be inaccurate or misleading or promote illicit activities or whose content is offensive, intimidating, threatening, obscene or defamatory;
• contains or promotes an unauthorized or unauthorized copy of another person's protected work;
• includes the transmission of spam, mail or mass mail, instant messaging, or "spam";
• contains restricted pages or pages that can only be accessed with a password or a hidden page or image (those that are not linked to other pages);
• Encourages or promotes criminal activities or activities or provides instructions to engage in illicit activities, including, but not limited to, the manufacture or purchase of illegal weapons, the violation of someone's privacy, or the detection or creation of computer viruses;
• seek passwords or information that personally identifies you for commercial or unauthorized purposes from other users;
• involves commercial activities and / or sales without the prior written consent of the Company such as contests, lotteries with prizes in goods and services, exchanges, advertising or pyramid schemes;
• includes a photograph or video of another person that you posted without that person's consent;
• violates privacy rights, public disclosure rights, defamation rights, copyrights, trademark rights, contract rights or other personal rights.

The following are examples, without limitation of any kind, of activities that are not permitted or prohibited on the Service:

• criminal or criminal activities, including child pornography or eroticism, fraud, distribution of pornographic content, distribution or use of drugs, gambling, harassment, stalking, "spam", pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, sending viruses or other harmful files, copyright infringement, patent infringement or theft of a trade secret;
• voting to users or offering to buy or sell any products or services through unauthorized or unauthorized uses of the Service;
• circumvent or modify, attempt to circumvent or modify, encourage or assist others to circumvent or modify any of the security technologies or software that are part of the Service;
• falsifying the TCP / IP packet header or any piece of header information in any publication or otherwise using the Service to send altered, fraudulent or erroneous information identifying the source;
• activities that involve the use of viruses, bots, worms, or other computer codes, files, or programs that disrupt, destroy, or restrict the operation of computer software or hardware or otherwise allow unauthorized use of or access to the computer or computer network;
• interfering with access to the Service by any user, host or network;
• obscure or obscure banner advertising on the user's profile page or any page of the Service via HTML / CSS or otherwise;
• including HTML, CSS, or any other encoding on the user profile page, including but not limited to any hidden or otherwise secretly contained code in the submitted content that is not related to the nature of the submitted content;
• any automatic use of the system, such as, but not limited to, the use of scripts to send images or videos;
• interfering with, interrupting or creating unnecessary workloads of the Service or online or services related to the Service;
• imitation or attempt to imitate a legal or natural person;
• using access data or the username of another user at any time or giving a password to third parties or permission to third parties to access a user account that is not theirs;
• selling or transferring the user profile in any other way;
• use information obtained from the Service to harass, abuse or injure a person and attempt to do so;
• unauthorized commercial advertisement on the user profile or acceptance of payment or anything of value from third parties in exchange for performing commercial activities through unauthorized or unauthorized use of the Service on behalf of that person;
• delete or otherwise modify copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices that appear on User Content, unless it is Content posted by User;
• use meta tags or other hidden text or metadata using the Company name, trademark, URL or product name without the prior express permission of the Company;
• attempt to examine, scan or test the vulnerability of any part of the Service or violate any security or authentication measures;
• collecting or storing personal data about other users without their express permission;
• imitating or misrepresenting a connection with a person, through a text sent in advance, or another form of social engineering or other forms of fraud;
• use of the Services in a manner inconsistent with any applicable laws and regulations or violations of the Services or network security.

The Company has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor all user activities and user content associated with the Service. The Company may investigate all reported violations of its Guidelines and other reports and may take any legal or technical action it deems appropriate. The company will investigate the circumstances that may include these violations and may call for cooperation and cooperate with the competent state authorities during the identification, investigation, or criminal prosecution of persons involved in this violation of the Guidelines, ie violation of the law. The Company reserves the discretion to use all legal remedies, including, but not limited to, the removal of the user account and user content, and to immediately suspend all services of the Company used by the user, in case of any violation of these Terms or in case the Company cannot to verify or verify any information that the user sends to the Company.

Advertising and advertising message

The transmitter of the advertising message is the Company which is the provider of the information society service and provides the advertising service exclusively via the Internet.

A person who advertises through the Service is not obliged to submit an Advertising Declaration in accordance with of the Law on Advertising, but is obliged to clearly identify how he could use the advertising service.

For the content, accuracy and correctness, as well as the validity, ie admissibility of the advertising message, the responsibility lies with the person who entered the advertising message. For all legal consequences arising from the entry of the advertising message, the person who entered the advertising message on the Service is solely responsible. The company reserves the right, but has no obligation, to maintain the quality of the service to perform proofreading, or correct spelling and grammar corrections, which in no way affect the content that the user uploads through the Service.

The Company reserves the right not to publish content that violates the provisions of the laws of the State of India, and in particular the Advertising Act. In the event of receiving such an advertisement, the Company will contact the advertiser to modify the advertisement message. The Company may at any time, in its sole discretion, refuse to post any advertising message that violates the provisions of the Law or these Terms of Use, but is not responsible for the content of such message, but only the person who advertises, or who submitted such content.

The company does not mediate in employment by transmitting advertising messages. The conclusion of the contract by which he enters into employment is within the competence of the persons who undertake such legal work. Also, by transmitting advertising messages, the Company in no way determines or influences the content of any employment contract concluded by the contracting parties independently.

Registered users individuals

Registration for the Service for individuals is free and available to all visitors.

A registered user natural person can only be a person who has reached 18 years of age.

When registering, it is necessary for a natural person to fill in a form with personal data. This data is used in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection as well as with the Notice on the processing of personal data displayed on the Service.

By registering on the Service, individuals get the following options:

1. Possibility of storing ads - By placing ads in the collection (database) of the Company, the user gets the opportunity to be included in the ads from the Service, as well as the possibility for users with the right to search (the right to search the collection has an unlimited number of people accessing the Service) directly contact.
2. Possibility to deactivate the profile - The user can activate, deactivate or delete his user profile at any time. The deactivated profile can be reactivated by the user at any time. In case of deactivation or deletion of the user's biography, the Company does not guarantee that some users who have the right to search did not store the data contained in the user's ad from the period when the ad was active, nor that this data will not be used later. have stored the data.

The service enables a registered user natural person to, if he considers that someone is abusing user data and contact the user on another occasion, ie on a occasion that is not the subject of the advertisement, inform the Company about it via the address: haalahoverseas2020@gmail.com

Registered users of legal entities

Registration for the Legal Entities Service is free and available to all visitors.

During registration, it is necessary for the legal entity to fill in the form with data on the legal entity. This data remains in the records of the Company and legal entities in which the Company has a majority ownership and will not be used for purposes other than the purpose of exercising the rights and obligations under these Terms of Use.

By registering on the Site, legal entities get the opportunity to place employment ads, search the collection of ads and view ads.

The registered user, a legal entity, has the right to point out that he placed the ad in the database of ads on the Company's Website, but thus does not acquire the right to use the Company's logo or trademark or the name of the Service in any context.

The Registered User, a legal entity, undertakes to use the information, including contact information, obtained through the Service exclusively for the intended purpose and not to use it for other purposes. Any use of information contrary to these Terms of Use entails liability in accordance with the Law.

Posting ad messages - ads

Registered users who advertise the ad submit via the form for ordering ads on the Service. According to of the Law on Advertising, there is no obligation to submit the Declaration on Advertising for Internet Advertising. If all the required fields from the ad order form are filled in correctly and if the ad is complete, it is then published on the Service.

Users who advertise for the first time through the Service when submitting advertisements from the Company receive a pro forma invoice to the e-mail address, and the advertisement is published after recording the payment according to the proforma invoice.

Persons who may have outstanding financial obligations to the Company acquire the right to publish advertisements after recording the settlement of those obligations.

All ads submitted by 12 noon are placed on the site on the same day after payment of the site usage fee, while ads submitted after 2 pm are placed on the next working day also after payment. In both cases, there is a possibility that before publishing the ad, it is necessary to further harmonize the text of the ad or the method of payment. In that case, the advertisements will be published immediately after the reconciliation.

If it happens that the User rents a package of advertisements or other services of the Service (which he intends to use for a longer period of time), that User is protected from possible changes in the prices of advertisements during the duration of the advertising service.

Payment by card

When ordering ads whose payment is made by payment cards, the User who has not submitted all the necessary documentation for the publication of the ad or it is not in accordance with the terms of use, the Company will initiate a refund of reserved funds but can not guarantee a refund. the bank of the owner of the payment card with which the payment was made.

In agreement with the User, the Company may retain funds and postpone the publication of the advertisement until all the conditions for publication have been met, for a maximum of 3 months.

If there is no cooperation between the Company and the User, and the funds from the card are withdrawn, the Company will initiate a refund of the collected funds with its bank, but cannot affect the refund period which depends exclusively on the bank of the cardholder with which the ad was paid.

Limitation of Liability

Users use the Service solely at their own risk. The User expressly accepts that the Company cannot be held responsible for the conduct of other users or third parties, as well as that the risk of possible damage is borne entirely by those persons, in accordance with the applicable legislation of the State of India.

Texts (comments), ratings and other content that users post in the appropriate sections, must be accurate and correct. The users who entered the data entered in this way are responsible for the accuracy of the data entered in this way. The accuracy of the entries implies that they come from a competent source, ie the personal experience of the user. For each individual entry, the sole responsibility lies with the user who made the entry.

The company does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or the content posted by the user. The Company does not initiate the transmission of an electronic message submitted to it by the service user, does not select the data or documents to be transmitted, does not exclude or substantially change the data in the content of the message or document and does not select the recipient of the transmission. The company reserves the right, but has no obligation, to maintain the quality of service to proofread, or correct spelling and grammar corrections that do not in any way affect the data and data integrity that the user sets through the Service.

This disclaimer applies to all damages (material and / or non-material) or injuries that may result from hidden defects, errors, interruptions, deletions, malfunctions, delays in the operation or transmission of computer viruses, interruptions in communications, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to data, change or misuse of data by third parties, termination of the contract, conduct contrary to the Terms of Use, negligence, etc.

Except in case of intent or gross negligence, the Company is not responsible for any temporary unavailability of the Service, nor for partial or complete non- functioning or malfunction of the same. The company is not responsible for technical problems that may lead to delays and / or incorrect processing of electronic data, including the system clock. Internet service providers are responsible for the above.

As an information society service provider, the Company is not responsible for any content posted by another person, the user, including but not limited to the advertising message it transmits because it neither initiates the transmission nor selects the content to be transmitted or excludes or modifies the content. which is being transmitted nor has it selected the recipient of the transmission or the recipient of the content.

The company does not guarantee the behavior of third parties or its users. The Company, among other things, does not provide any guarantee that the User who advertised will be contacted regarding this advertisement by third parties persons (ie that they will conclude the legal transaction that is the subject of the advertisement), as well as that the available information will contain accurate and true data.

Service may be temporarily unavailable or available to a limited extent, as a result of regular or extraordinary system maintenance or in the event of a system upgrade.

Jurisdiction and dispute resolution

Everything that is not regulated by these Terms of Use is subject to the applicable regulations of the State of India.

All disputes that may arise between the Companies and the users regarding the use of the Service are subject to the applicable regulations of the State of India. The company and the user are obliged to try to resolve the dispute amicably, and if they fail to do so, the competent court is competent to resolve the dispute.

All disputes that may arise between two users regarding the use of the Service are subject to the applicable regulations of the State of India. Users are obliged to try to resolve the dispute amicably, and if they do not succeed, the Court for Disputes between Legal Entities, ie the Court for Disputes between Natural Persons or Natural and Legal Persons, is competent to resolve the dispute. The Company does not in any way mediate or participate in any dispute that may arise between the users of the Service, unless it is bound by law as a necessary adversary.

Final provisions

The Company has the right to amend or supplement these Terms of Use at any time by publishing the amendments in a consolidated text on the website and sending an email to all registered users, at least eight days before the date of their application.

If the already registered user does not give an explicit answer within the specified period (by clicking on the link to accept the Terms of Use), it will be considered that he agrees with the new Terms of Use. If the already registered user does not explicitly (by clicking on the link for non-acceptance of the Terms of Use) not accept these Terms of Use, it will be considered that his user status has ceased, all previous rights and obligations are terminated, and the contractual relationship is terminated. With the entry into force of the new user conditions, the acquired user rights are not affected.

These Terms of Use shall apply eight days from the date of their publication on the Service's website.

Each printed copy of these User Terms and Conditions produces full legal effect on the basis of the provisions of the Law on Electronic Document and its validity or probative value cannot be disputed.

Belagavi 2020

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Notice of personal data processing and privacy politics


August 15, 2020


This Notice on the processing of user identity data (hereinafter: the Notice) informs the users of www.FIND-WORKERS.COM (hereinafter: the Service) on all relevant information concerning the processing of user identity data.

The service is available for job seekers (hereinafter: Candidates) at www.find-workers.com

The service for employers who employ workers (hereinafter: Employers) can be found at www.find-workers.com.

Having in mind the legislation in the field of privacy of personal data of individuals, primarily the new Law on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter: ZZPL), it is very important that you read this Notice carefully, in order to be familiar with the types of personal data that most often we process, for what purposes we process your personal data, who has access to your data, and in particular to make you aware of your rights regarding the processing of personal data. We take care of the protection of your personal data and fully support the rights of you as a user provided by the ZZPL.

Personal data is any data relating to a natural person whose identity is determined or identifiable, directly or indirectly, in particular on the basis of an identity mark, such as name and identification number, location data, identifiers in electronic communications networks or one, or more features of his physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural and social identity.

Questions, complaints, requests and additional information regarding the Privacy Notice, protection of personal data and the exercise of your rights can be achieved by sending to the following e-mail address haalahoverseas2020@gmail.com


This is the latest version of the Notice (August 15, 2019). This Notice is subject to change. If this Notice is amended or supplemented, we will enter the date of the latest version of the document. We will notify you in a timely manner of any change to the Notice.


The Service is an information society service provided (hereinafter: the Service). The service is an information society service provided by ”HAALAH OVERSEAS CONSULTANTS”, address: Kapileshwar road, 1 Flor SAIESHWARPLAZA, Belagavi 590001, GSTIN NO29GQBPS4630B1ZV, Account number 920020033385061 IFSC code: UTIB0003709, SWIFB in code AXIS. ”

Therefore, in this Notice, "we" and "ours" refer to the Company.

As stated in the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service, by using the Services of the Service you provide us with information, some of which is your personal information.

Depending on the purpose, we may process your data as a controller or as a processor. A controller is an entity that independently or with other entities determines the purpose and manner of processing personal data (eg an employer who processes personal data for employment purposes has determined the purpose of processing and processes data in the capacity of a controller). On the other hand, a processor is an entity that processes personal data on behalf of the controller (eg a company as a transmitter of advertising messages in a situation where a candidate is applying for a job advertisement, in terms of the purpose of applying it processes candidate data as a processor).

Please familiarize yourself with the contents of the Terms of Use before reading the contents of the Notice.


For some processing purposes, we process your personal data based on your consent to the processing of personal data with prior notice of all relevant aspects of the processing. It is important to know that you can withdraw your consent at any time and without explanation, which results in the cessation of further processing.

In some situations, the legal basis for the processing of personal data is a contractual relationship with the person to whom the personal data relates, such as e.g. case of processing necessary for the access and use of the Company's Service.

Also, in some situations we have a legitimate interest in processing your data, such as when processing is necessary for the purpose of preventing fraud or possible misuse.

We may process your personal data if required to do so by law. We may also process your personal data if the processing is necessary in order to protect your vital interests. If we process your personal data when required to do so by law or to protect your vital interests, we will notify you.


Most of our personal data processing occurs in the recruitment process. The data that we most often process are name and surname, date of birth, photo, e-mail, telephone number, occupation, education, citizenship, data on education, completed courses, trainings, seminars, knowledge and skills, etc. It is not possible to provide a complete list of all the personal data we process, as each job candidate may provide different information in their CV.

We collect all the information we ask of you for a specific purpose, of which you will always be clearly informed.

The main purposes of data collection and processing are enabling the provision of information society services, ie Internet advertising of employment needs by employers and applying for jobs by candidates, security of Internet Service users, as well as enabling the creation and posting of content in accordance with law.

We keep your personal data for as long as necessary to achieve a specific purpose, or until the revocation of the consent, or until the expiration of the period of time for which you gave us consent for processing, after which the data is deleted or made unrecognizable. We keep the data you leave us during registration until your user account is deactivated.

Exceptionally, we may retain your information after withdrawal of consent or fulfillment of purpose, in situations where this is necessary for the performance of our legal obligation or for the purpose of filing, realizing or defending a legal claim.

It is important to inform you of the fact that, depending on the purpose of processing, the Company sometimes has the status of a Handler, and sometimes a Processor of personal data. For example, in a situation when a candidate is applying for a job advertisement, in terms of data processing for participation in the competition, the PROCESSOR of personal data is the employer who advertises the job advertisement, while the Company is the PROCESSOR of personal data. However, if the candidate agrees that the Company processes his personal data for other purposes, which are not necessary for participation in the competition, such as: opportunities that facilitate the selection of suitable job positions, opportunities aimed at personal development, education, employer assessment, and other possibilities that may improve the position of the candidate on the labor market, which increase the chances of the candidate finding a job, or are otherwise related to the labor market, in terms of such processing is the Company MANAGER of personal data.

We process personal data in order to provide users with the service and functionalities offered by the Service, to measure the use and improvement of the Service, to protect users and enable them to use the site without interruption with the support of the user sector. More details on the purposes and time of processing your information can be found below.

A) Creating an account on the Candidate Service: In order to create your account, the Candidate Service uses the data entered during registration until the user deactivates the account from the site. The data used are email, password, name and surname. The basis of processing is the contract, ie. by accepting the Rules and letters of use of the Service, you enter into a contractual relationship with us. To register via the social networks Facebook, Google and Linkedin, the email address with which the user is registered on these sites is used.

B) Notifications for new jobs: Registered email can be used to send notifications about new ads if the logged in user uses the functionality of the Candidate Service. This means signing up for a list of notifications of new ads and selecting the criteria by which he wants to receive notifications. Also, the user will receive notifications if he follows a certain company or a certain job search, and new jobs are published for the selected criteria, or if he saves an ad for which he receives a reminder to apply for it before the expiration. Also, the Candidate can apply to receive a questionnaire after the competition to evaluate the employer. The basis of processing is the consent you give us. The user can unsubscribe from the above notifications.

C) Applying for a specific job advertisement:

C.1) By applying for a certain advertisement, the Candidate provides certain personal data to the Employer for the purpose and selection period for the advertisement for which he is applying. The basis of processing is the contract, ie. action that precedes the potential conclusion of an employment contract with the Employer. The employer uses the Company's Service as a handler as a handler. Candidate's personal data is used for the purpose of employment for the specified position and the duration of the selection process for a given advertisement that does not last longer than 6 months.

The service has the possibility of contacting the Candidate for the purpose of reminding to come to the business interview.

The competition may contain the contact information of the Candidate given during the competition, such as: Name and surname, telephone number, email. The application may also contain everything that the candidate has included in his / her CV, cover letter or documents during the application. These are mainly the following data: contact information, place of residence, education, work experience, knowledge of foreign languages, skills, acquired certifications. The service considers that the stated data are not sensitive, but they are confidential personal data. We strongly suggest to the candidates that they do not leave their sensitive data anywhere when applying. However, if the candidate independently leaves some sensitive information in the CV, cover letter or additional documents (eg creditworthiness, medical history or sexual orientation) during the competition, the Service cannot disable and control it. If it happens that the Candidate sends this type of information to the Employer, the employer is responsible for further handling of the same.

C.2) Consent for the Employer for a period longer than the selection process for the advertisement - The candidate when applying for a job has the option to allow the Employer to process personal data for a period longer than the selection process for the advertisement to which he applies. The basis of processing is the consent of the Candidate. The candidate allows this processing if he wants to leave the possibility to the Employer to send him notifications or to contact him for similar job advertisements in his company. If the Candidate does not provide this consent to the Employer whose advertisement he is applying for, the Candidate's data will be removed from the Employer's account after a maximum of 6 months.

C.3) Application for an advertisement by direct call from the Employer: In certain situations, the Service offers Employers the option of applying through a direct telephone call. In this case, the Service can use masked proxy phones that redirect the Candidate's call to the Employer. Call forwarding through an intermediary number is done in order to protect the Employer, as well as to ensure the quality of the advertising service, by the Service sending the total number of calls (applications) sent to the Employer. In the case of call forwarding, the data on the telephone number, whether the call has been established and its duration, can be forwarded to an external processor whose call forwarding and masking services of the Employer's telephone numbers are used by the Service. This system does not record conversations. See more in the list of processors used by the Service.

C.4) If the application is made through the Employer's website: the Candidate Service redirects the Candidate to the link for the application submitted by the Employer and from that moment the Service is not involved in further processing of the Candidate's personal data. All information submitted to the Employer's link is provided exclusively to the Employer and not to the Service. In this case, the Service does not keep the application in the Employer's account, but the Employer, as the operator, does that on its website.

D) Facilitated job search: The optional Candidate Service provides Candidates with an easier job search with functionalities related to creating a CV and cover letter that can later be used for easier competition. Also, the Candidate Service enables a personalized display of job offers, as well as the possibility to send personalized job offers if the Service identifies that it is in accordance with the wishes and submitted information of the Candidate. Linking candidates to targeted job offers allows the Candidate to receive notifications for job advertisements that the Service deems fit the Candidate's description, which is determined based on the content of the CV, behavior on the Service or user information on work experience provided when answering questions that the Service places the candidate who has given consent. The basis of processing is the consent of the Candidate.

E) When the user contacts the customer support of the service: The user has several contact forms on the site (eg "report a problem with the ad" or "contact us") with which he contacts the employees of the Service to report the problem or leave a suggestion on the Service. With this contact, the user leaves us an email and name and surname so that employees in the customer support or PR sector of the Service can answer his inquiry.

F) When a user comments on blog posts, tips or news: The Logged-in Candidate has the option to leave comments on the blog posts for candidates, as well as tips or news within the While Looking for a Job section. In this case, the registered name and surname of the person above the comment will be drawn above the left comment. If someone responds to this comment, the user is notified by email.

It is also possible to comment on blog posts on a blog intended for HRs. On this occasion, the user who comments, in addition to the comments, leaves the name, surname and email.

G) Ask a Lawyer: If the user asks a question on the ASK A LAWYER form (While looking for a job section), he leaves his name, surname and email to get an answer when the question is answered in the Ask a Lawyer section.


In order to achieve our business purpose, we process your personal data based on a legitimate interest. Of course, we do this only if your interest or your fundamental rights and freedoms do not outweigh our legitimate interest. We use a legitimate interest to:

• diagnose technical problems with the Service;
• maintain your user account, respond to your requests and possible complaints;
• better understand you as a user through your behavior, your interests and your preferences;
• protect our business and provide support to our customers;
• test and develop new products and services and to improve existing ones.
• Identify and protect the users of the Service and the Service itself from fraud or illegal activities

By using the Service, you agree that certain employees of the Service may contact you based on your contact information provided to alert you to certain irregularities with the application or job advertisement in order to diagnose technical problems with the Service or job application or in case of doubt that certain fraudulent or illegal activities (eg hacker attacks, downloading accounts, sending inappropriate files, spam, etc.) are attempted over the user's account to protect it from unwanted consequences. The basis of processing is our legitimate interest as the owner of the Service. For the purpose of protection of the Service, data are processed: behavior on the site (previous searches), IP address, information about the available device, browser and operating system, etc.

You can object to this processing of your personal data at any time to the following e-mail address: stepup.md@gmail.com. For more information about your rights, we refer you to the Your Rights section below.


In order to secure the data we process, we always strive to apply the necessary standards in the protection of personal data, and to apply all necessary technical, organizational and personnel protection measures in accordance with the requirements of the applicable LPPL, including but not limited to: technical protection measures, protection measures relating to physical access to the place where your data is stored, measures to protect the information security of your data in accordance with applicable regulations, and other measures that are appropriate to the processing and necessary to ensure the protection of specific personal data.

Third parties who process data are also obliged to apply all necessary technical, organizational and personnel measures.


Some processors who can access personal data are based in foreign countries, ie in the member states of the Council of Europe Convention 108 and other countries. The export of data to these countries is done on the basis of the default level of adequate protection of personal data in those countries, in accordance with the law.

If individual processors are established outside the above-mentioned group of countries, the disclosure of data would be possible only with the application of the conditions of Article 65 of the LPP, which regulates the transfer with the application of appropriate protection measures.


1) TRANSPARENCY: When you leave us personal data, we will transparently inform you about the purpose for which we need certain data, who uses this data, and we will provide you with all other information relevant to the processing of your data (this right is fulfilled by providing this Notices).

2) RIGHT TO INSPECTION: You have the right to be informed whether we process your personal data, and if we process them, you have the right to request correction, supplementation, updating, deletion of data, as well as interruption and temporary suspension of processing. . If we process your personal data as controllers - you have the right to receive from us all information about the processing in question, and if you want to obtain information about the processing of your data by the employer, you need to contact the employer who in that case has the position of controller.

3) RIGHT TO CORRECTION, AMENDMENT AND UPDATE: The data processed should be accurate and complete.

You have the right to have your incorrect personal data corrected without unnecessary delay, ie incomplete data.

4) RIGHT TO DELETION: You have the right to have your personal data deleted in accordance with the LPP. It is important to inform you that if you want to delete the data for the processing of which you have given your consent to the employers, it is necessary to contact the employer who is the controller in this case in order to exercise the right to delete.

If it is necessary to continue processing in order to fulfill our legal obligations (eg the Law on Accounting, etc.) or in order to submit, realize or defend a legal claim, we will delete only a part of the data that we no longer need.

5) RIGHT TO TRANSFER: If you want us to (i) obtain in a structured, commonly used and electronically legible form the personal data you provided to us during registration or (ii) to transfer to another controller the personal data you provided to us as a controller, you have the right to request this from us, provided that the processing is based on consent or contract and that the processing is carried out automatically.

6) RIGHT TO RESTRICTION OF PROCESSING: You have the right to request a restriction on the processing of your personal data in certain situations.

7) RIGHT TO OBJECT: You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest.


9) ALL OTHER RIGHTS PROVIDED BY LEGISLATION: The person to whom the data relates can exercise his rights by sending a request to the e-mail address: haalahoverseas2020@gmail.com (remove spaces when sending an email).

In connection with the fulfillment of the above requirements, the Company will provide you with all necessary additional information, as well as assistance, in accordance with the conditions and in the manner prescribed by the applicable ZZPL.

You can exercise your rights by sending a request to the following e-mail address. haalahoverseas2020@gmail.com

We will respond to your request as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the request. In case of complexity or a large number of requests, we may need an additional deadline to respond to the request. This period cannot be longer than 90 days and we will inform you about it separately.

If your request is obviously unfounded or recurs frequently, we may reject it or charge you for making it happen. It is considered to be a frequent recurrence when you contact us with a request to exercise any of the rights more than once in one year. If you contact us two or more times in one year for the same right, we will only respond to your request if you have a good reason.


Depending on the specific purpose, access to certain personal data of users may have:

• Employees of the Company, as well as part-time and similar associates (who are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of data), only to the extent necessary for the purposes of processing.

• The company, as part of a group of companies, may pass on data to its affiliates, when necessary and always within our legitimate interest and defined purpose.

• Newly established entities or the entity of the acquirer of ownership of the Company, if the Company is involved in a merger, acquisition, purchase, sale of shares or other status change.

• Our partners, who perform certain processing tasks for the Company as processors, such as external associates who provide us with certain services, as well as software companies that create and maintain software in which data is stored.